SoundCrawl 2009: Mainstage (critics picks)
28 September 2009
Bailey: Divertmento in Eb Play
Divertmento in Eb Play
Oliveira: 'Aphar Play
'Aphar Play
Choi: Tranquility Play
Tranquility Play
Tahriri: Tombak Play
Tombak Play
Thomas: Bologna Play
Bologna Play
Beranger: Le Complexe de la goutte d eau
Le Complexe de la goutte d eau
Young: Looking Glass Play
Looking Glass Play
Kraptavicius: Grinny Memories Play
Grinny Memories Play
Kim: Fluctuation Play
Fluctuation Play


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Bailey: Divertmento in Eb
Kraptavicius: Grinny Memories
Bailey: Divertmento in Eb
Gibson: Driptick
Zaki: Down Every Company of Dreams
Choi: Photogene
Fischman: If Stones Could Have a Brief Word...
Li: Cloud I: Windmills I-65
Doenges: The Temptation and Banishment

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